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Hand Crafted with Love

How do I place an order?

- Please complete our request form so we can capture some initial information about your request. 

How are the cookies packaged when shipped?

- To ensure your custom cookies arrive fresh and crumble free we bubble wrap all of our cookies.

Are your cookies gluten free?

- Unfortunately, due to our recipe we cannot make custom gluten free cookies.

Can I freeze Cookies OMG Cookies?

- Yes, you can freeze them and thaw them out at a later date.

How much notice do you need between orders?

- We ask that you allow at least up to 5 days for any custom orders. 

How do I pay for my order?

- Once your order is confirmed we will send you an invoice which you can pay via Check or PayPal.

Are your cookies handmade?

- Of course! All of our cookies are completely handmade, from mixing the dough, icing, and hand decorating each cookie individually.

What if I have questions or changes to my order?

- We're always happy to help our customers with any changes. Just contact us at

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